Addition to the IRS network: Fink Schadenzentrum in Neustadt

The IRS Group is delighted to be joining forces with Fink GmbH Karosserie + Lack. Fink GmbH will be joining the IRS Group on 1 August 2019, adding to the IRS network in the Rhineland-Palatinate under the name “Fink Schadenzentrum”; the Fink Accident Repair Centre.

Fink Schadenzentrum is run as a family business, now in its 4th generation. Since 1995, Claus Fink has led the company as a sole trader, supported as of 2014 by Alexandra Fink as a manager. Along with his wife Sonja Fink and 14 motivated employees, they make a well-established team! “It was very important to us for the entire team, including the two trainees, to stay together during the takeover by the IRS Group! But that went without saying for the IRS Group” explains Claus Fink, adding, “The IRS Group is making it possible for me and my team to continue to provide our customers with the professional work they have come to expect from us, not just now but in the long term – which is especially important to me.”

Fink Schadenzentrum focuses on high-quality car accident repairs and paintwork, and specialises in claims adjustment related to insurance contracts and leasing companies. The management of Fink GmbH believes that, with modern demands, the only way for the business to reliably stay in operation and face a secure future is to be part of a successful group, such as the IRS Group. Thus, joining forces with the IRS Group was a profitable decision not only for the team, but also for Fink GmbH’s customers.

The IRS Group now has over 100 sites and more than 1,800 employees in Germany, Denmark and Sweden. It is Europe’s leading group in the fields of smart repairs, body or paintwork repairs and hail damage repairs to vehicles’ outer shells.

The IRS network provides the full range of services involving preparing and repairing the bodywork and interior of used cars, hire cars, crash-damaged and lease cars.


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