Corona precautions in the IRS Group

Measures to curb corona infections are having an increasing impact on the economy. In the IRS Group, a crisis management team is in constant communication to evaluate the latest developments and make provisions for business partners and employees.

In order to prevent infection in our operations, we have implemented the recommendations of the authorities at all sites. We follow strict hygiene regulations, have limited our travel activities to the unavoidable and have sensitized employees to symptoms on themselves and in their environment.

Employees with purely administrative tasks have been continuing their work from their home offices since this week, insofar as this is technically possible. Regular virtual team meetings ensure effective and high-quality cooperation.

As long as no acute infections occur in our workforce, we will continue our business operations as usual. So far, we have found our supplier logistics to be largely stable. In order to be able to react to impairments as early as possible, we are in close contact with our partners.

In the event that corona infection is confirmed at one site, immediate closure will be unavoidable. Contingency plans already exist to be able to maintain business operations in such a case. For example, by completing vehicles at another IRS site.
We will keep you informed on an ongoing basis about our handling of the situation and any potential threats to our customers and business partners and will act carefully and responsibly.

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