Digitalization in workshop - digital customer service at IRS Hundertmark

Digital customer service, including digital damage assessment, is a service that our customers and workshops no longer want to do without. Thanks to the motum connection, IRS Hundertmark in Darmstadt and Weiterstadt have already been able to process more than 300 claims with digital damage images.

Claims controllers, insurance companies, fleet operators, private and small business customers - all these customer groups can be found at the locations of IRS Hundertmark with the branches in Darmstadt and Weiterstadt. There is a lot of management involved for the service staff who need to manage orders, estimates and invoices. But RepairFix's digital customer service really pays off at this location. "Digital claims processing offers our locations a real reduction in workload, because it saves us time and resources," says Christoph Freiwald, branch manager of IRS Hundertmark.

Customers often use the link on the site's website to upload their damage pictures and the necessary information about the damage. But callers are also made aware of this digital way and can often save themselves the first journey to inspect the damage. The customer's name, license plate number and cell phone number – that's all it takes. Simply receive an SMS from IRS Hundertmark, click on the link and conveniently upload pictures using your smartphone. "80 percent of our customers who I have on the phone are very happy to use this digital offer and are happy that they save a trip," says a customer service employee at IRS Hundertmark. After the images have been examined by the qualified specialist staff, the cost estimate is sent digitally to the customer and a repair appointment is agreed.

Insurance companies, fleet operators and claims adjusters also accept the damage patterns without any problems. Many large claims controllers are even directly integrated into motum and are automatically informed about customer contact.

“motum reduces the administrative effort for workshops when communicating with their customers and at the same time improves the service experience. The IRS Group follows exactly this approach, which is why we are very happy about the cooperation. The exchange with the employees in the individual locations is a lot of fun and their feedback also helps us to move forward!", Fabian Pape, co-founder of RepairFix, summarizes the cooperation.

RepairFix has been used at IRS Hundertmark since May 2021. The service employees in particular have received intensive training in how to use the tool and after small adjustments for the individual requirements of the locations, the use of RepairFix and its software "motum" has become indispensable.

About RepairFix

RepairFix is ​​a software company in the automotive aftermarket. With the independent platform "motum", RepairFix enables fleet managers, drivers and workshops to work together intelligently, networked and individually in the event of damage or maintenance. More than 200 K&L companies now use the software every day for digital customer communication with fleet, private and insurance customers. Numerous fleet customers, such as CleverShuttle, Knuspr or the DRK Mönchengladbach, already use motum for their damage and maintenance management.


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