MoonWalk moves into body & paint operations

IRS Group continues to invest in the future

MoonWalk paint mixing systems from PPG will be used in 11 body and paint stores of the IRS Group in the future. Both branch managers and employees are enthusiastic about the results. The mixing machine produces optimum mixes, even with the smallest quantities of material. In particular, the color accuracy and the low material usage have also convinced the IRS locations. Where previously drop by drop of a color had to be filled into the mixing container and the mixing colors had to be picked out by the employee himself, today only a color code is entered.
The conventional mixing bench is supplemented by an active shelf, a PC, a scanner and a mixing scale, thus enabling the automated mixing process. The color code is entered on the PC, MoonWalk shows specifically which mixing varnishes or containers are needed to create the paint materials and where they can be found on the mixing shelf. The active shelf row is loaded by the employee and confirmed on the PC – after that, everything happens automatically. In addition, the device warns if the wrong colors have been scanned in by mistake.
Incorrect mixing and the resulting incorrect painting are reduced and the operation of the color mixing machine inspires the employees. Automating the mixing process saves time and materials. “The time savings are especially noticeable. During the time the machine is mixing, the employee can work on another vehicle. Mixing errors, as in the past, no longer exist, which is a great advantage of the machine. It is actually no longer possible to mix at all, because many sources of error are eliminated,” says Christoph Freiwald, branch manager at IRS Hundertmark in Darmstadt.
“Keeping up with the latest technology, making optimum use of resources, reducing costs – these are the goals of this investment,” said Frank Gerardy, Managing Director of Bodywork & Paint at the IRS Group. “I’m pleased that the test phase at the plants worked so well and that we can now equip the sites with the new machines.” Another plus point is the increasing cleanliness of the mixing room, as the machine operates without contaminants and residues in the mixing tanks, Gerardy adds.
One unit is going to the IRS Academy in Polch. As a workshop for the future, the group’s training center is equipped with the latest workshop technologies so that employees can permanently expand their user knowledge during practical training sessions.
In addition to MoonWalk, new nitrogen systems have been installed in seven plants so that the nitrogen for the paint spray guns can be generated on site.
Overall, these new technologies reduce costs and increase the throughput and profitability of the plants – a true investment in the future in times of crisis.


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