The IRS Group at the 2019 munich MehrWert Congress

The 2019 MehrWert Congress was held in Munich at the beginning of this year under the motto “shaping the future with courage”. As an established annual meeting point for pros from the automotive paint industry, it brings together businesses and the people behind them to have a look into the future. We are all the more delighted to have been a part of it this time, because the place where the future is shaped with courage is also the place where our goal of revolutionising vehicle repair is at home. Introducing and communicating this vision to potential partners was the task Stefan Wieschalla, Director of Business Development of IRS Karosserie & Lack, tackled in his lecture “What is my business worth”, not only presenting the IRS Group as a company, but also giving it a face through his presence. The opportunity of getting to know each other, asking and answering questions was just as exciting for us as it was for our business partners, to whom we wanted to convey one key message: To us, being a group means being a team. This is our philosophy and our modus operandi, because only when the strength of the individual adds up to the strength of the whole are we prepared for a future which we shape every day and with every decision we make – for the benefit of the businesses, the group and our customers, and therefore always for the benefit of the industry.


And because we enjoyed it so much, we will soon be represented at both the Claims Management & Assistance exhibition congress in Leipzig (26-27 March) and the Würzburg Body and Damage Days (29-30 March).