Hail damage?

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    With almost 25 years of experience and know-how, we are your partner for hail damage repair. Hail damage is not only annoying because it not only means a reduction in the value of your vehicle, but also entails expense. We take care of the entire claims handling for you. Professionals trust professionals, and with over 140 locations and as a cooperation partner of leading insurance companies and national expert offices, we know what is important when it comes to hail.

    Your advantages with us as your partner:

    • One contact for the entire claims management
    • Specialists and trained staff for high customer satisfaction
    • Optimised processes and synergies
    • Extensive network
    • 140 locations

    What our customers say about us

    The handling process


    Our special dent removal technique DoL (dent removal without painting) is recognised by insurance companies and appraisers, eliminates damage effectively and protects the bodywork in the process. Our claim is "Replace instead of repair", because we offer you the most cost-effective and high-quality hail damage repair in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications.

    Dellen vom Hagelschaden reparieren Dellenentfernung ohne lackieren

    Damage assessment 

    Come to the Hail Centre with a clean vehicle to inspect the damage. This will ensure that the assessor can accurately determine the dents and the cost of repair. During the inspection, the number and size of the dents are precisely determined with the help of a dent reflector under well-lit light channels.


    On the basis of the damage assessment, the damage is evaluated with a calculation of the damage by your appraiser. The "gentle repair" method is recognised by insurers and appraisers. Dents are removed without conventional filling, sanding and painting. Your original paintwork remains intact, and the value of your vehicle is preserved.

    Damage handling

    As a rule, your insurer will pay for the hail damage in full under your comprehensive insurance policy without affecting your no-claims bonus. Depending on the insurance cover, you only have to pay your deductible. We give a 7-year guarantee on our "gentle repair" special dent removal technique if the original paintwork is retained.

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