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From accidental damage to parking dents, from Panamera to Panda, from fleet managers to novice drivers. Every claim is in good hands with the experts at IRS.

With accident repair, Smart Repair, car glass, wheel rim repair and vehicle valeting, we repair all damage and contamination to the vehicle professionally and efficiently. Our teams work independently of manufacturers and on the basis of transparent cost estimates. With the "repair instead of replacement" principle, we always guarantee the economically and ecologically best repair solution.

Keeping up the pace.


The share of electric vehicles, new materials and digital assistance systems is increasing. That is why we are constantly developing the know-how of our employees in our own advanced training programmes and ensure efficiency and perfection with the latest workshop and diagnostic technology, even when working on the most modern vehicles.


Remove defective bumpers, spoilers or side mirrors, throw them away and replace them with new parts? That was once upon a time. We focus on sustainability and work according to the principle of "repair instead of replacement". In view of rapidly rising spare parts prices, this reduces repair costs and protects the environment by saving materials.

Customer focus

In the event of damage, we keep our customers mobile and always use our innovative and digital workshop process to process customer requests quickly. Within the scope of the repair, we use high-quality materials and ensure a very good repair result with craftsmanship excellence.

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