Smart repair


Smart Repair (small to medium area repair technique) is an economical and environmentally friendly repair method for minor damage to your vehicle that is recognised by manufacturers and insurers. With our claim "repair instead of replace", we find the most cost-effective and high-quality repair solution for you, while also protecting the environment. 
Since 2017, we have also been using Smart Repair XXL multifunction cabins to expand our range of services. With this innovative solution, we paint larger surface damage in the area of partial painting in our Smart Repair Centres.

Cost saving

Up to 80 percent cost savings compared to conventional repair methods

Time saving

Time saving due to fast elimination of damage and completion

Value retention

Sustainable value retention of your vehicle


A repair method recognised by manufacturers and insurance companies

Environmental relief

Reducing environmental stress through repair instead of replacement of parts

The following damage can be repaired with the Smart Repair method:

Spot repair

For minor damage


Spot Repair can be applied to the interior as well as the exterior of your vehicle. We repair exterior paint damage as well as scratches, cracks and holes in dashboards and door panels and damage to leather and velour upholstery and carpets in the interior.

Spot painting is possible if the damage to the paintwork is no larger than the palm of your hand. In addition, we also remove small scratches on bodywork and small parts as well as on the bumpers. This means that the damage can be repaired exactly where it occurred, without having to dismantle and repaint the entire component.

Parking damage tip

Parking damage is one of the most common types of vehicle damage, especially in large cities. With Smart Repair or Spot Painting, we can eliminate your parking damage faster and more efficiently than with conventional repair methods. ISO-certified Dent Wizard is an official partner of well-known car insurance companies and offers you an excellent service as part of your parking damage cover. Ask your insurance company about the scope of your parking damage cover or about the options for insuring typical parking damage.

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