Founded in 1957, the company is a modern and unbranded body and paint store that also operates a mechanics department, has its own fleet and impresses with its expertise in claims management and processing. All this with a young and dynamic team of around 50 employees in total, with a high proportion of trainees.

  • In business since 1957    
  • Quality management according to ISO 9001    
  • Successful apprenticeship company


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Whether signs of wear or extensive damage, we shine with competence, speed and performance.

An intact lacquer surface is the guarantor for durable protection against rust and other weather influences. So let us advise you, even if you only want to remove small scratches. With our computer-aided color measurement and the use of precise color mixing equipment, we always achieve the desired result, whether for spot, partial or complete painting.



To have your vehicle technically repaired in one of our master workshops is not a question, but a matter of course.

Our renowned workshops are service partners of many well-known brands. Accordingly, our employees have many years of experience in servicing all brands and are well equipped to do so. Thanks to our ongoing training courses, they are always up to date, even when it comes to the latest models.

Rust protection

Rust protection

As far as protection against corrosion is concerned, the right aftercare is the best precaution. So that you can enjoy your vehicle for a long time.

Because often factory corrosion protection is simply not enough, especially if you plan to use your vehicle for a long time. And even if it is exposed to special everyday conditions, rust protection aftertreatment is always worthwhile.

Spot repair

Spot repair

The repair method for minor and medium damage to paintwork, which brings low cost and short repair time to the point.

The Spot Repair method allows for spot repair of small to medium sized paint damage. Special paint mixing equipment allows the exact color tone to be recreated, which is determined beforehand with the aid of a computer. A perfect result is thus achieved quickly and inexpensively in just a few steps.





Comprehensive damage

Even the best insurance cannot prevent you from being annoyed by comprehensive damage. We make sure that you have as little trouble with it as possible. No matter whether it is a liability, partial or fully comprehensive damage. As hull experts, we are also masters of claims management. Not only do they repair professionally using the latest technology, but they also take care of the claims process. In the event of an accident, our claims managers will also be happy to take care of the correspondence and settle any annoying paperwork.

We communicate with the insurance or leasing company about the claims settlement and also clarify the financial aspects. Often a settlement is possible in the form that you sign a declaration of assignment. In this case, the repair experts will be reimbursed by the insurance company and you will not incur any costs yourself. There is a direct settlement between our accident service and the insurance company, regardless of whether it is HUK, Allianz, Generali, VHV, DEVK, DEBEKA or another insurance company.

After all, your accident should be repaired as quickly and uncomplicatedly as possible. A modern EDP system with up-to-date calculation software enables our experienced service consultants to carry out a computer-aided damage diagnosis on your vehicle. A cost estimate for the repair is provided immediately.

In this way, we are able to foresee the repair effort, the cost of the repair and the completion date as soon as the damage is recorded. This way you know exactly what to expect without having to make a lot of phone calls or waiting times. If you are unable to come to us, we will be happy to come to you. Our pick-up and delivery service includes all services from pick-up at home, delivery to the workplace, to towing service.


With such a wide range of repair stores, choosing the right one is not always easy. Who can guarantee that your accident damage will be repaired and painted properly and without defects?


The certified Eurogarant body store.

  • EUROGARANT against loss of value
  • Proof of performance with letter & seal
  • Europe-wide service
  • EUROGARANT - A good address

Eurogarant body stores are members of the Central Association of Bodywork and Vehicle Technology and the Association Internationale des Réparateurs en Carrosserie. This means that these companies are subject to the strictest requirements, which are regularly checked by a recognized, neutral testing organization. In Germany, these are TÜV or DEKRA.

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