Hail damage to the camper?

The new Durabull coating from PPG Industries safely protects your motorhome from hail. The special polyurea-based roof coating can be used not only to repair hail damage, but also as a preventive measure. All components that are not to be coated are first covered. This is followed by thorough cleaning of the roof before sanding and degreasing. It is not necessary to disassemble skylight frames, ventilation outlets and flashings The roof is then coated with DurbaullTM and cures within seconds. The coating is both stable and permanently elastic. The material application, or weight, is approx. 1 - 1.5 kg/m². Finally, transition areas are grouted. DurabullTM is resistant to corrosion, water, moisture and salt water. No adhesives are used, the coating is solvent-free, non-flammable and odorless.

Before - after

Durabull is officially TÜV certified

From now on you can safely protect your motorhome:

  • hail-resistant, up to 110 km/h fall speed and a hailstone size of 25 mm
  • non-slip, reduces the risk of accidents when "working" on the roof
  • noise-insulating, reduces noise development e.g. in case of hail or rain
  • improved insulation and thus a more constant climate inside the building
  • UV-stable, ensures long-lasting color stability
  • dirt-repellent, makes soiling by leaves and moss more difficult   

Your specialist for Durabull™

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